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Each of the Moderate Cold Chest freezers listed below can be customized with added accessories to fit your needs:



Moderate Cold Chest Freezers



     Note: Some items listed in the upgrades and accessories will require an end rack to be added to freezer

Note: Comparison Chart at bottom of page

Choose your Model........

34-15 New with White.jpg

Starting at:


USD / Each

Our Moderate Cold Series is a high-quality, economical chest freezer that allows for easy reach-in organization.

**Many options are available to customize your freezer to meet your needs.  

Model 34-25


Our Upgrades and Extra Accessories:

6" Chart Recorder

6 inch Chart Recorder Pix.jpg

CAL9500 Digital Temperature Controller


CALgrafix Process Monitoring

and Configuration Software


CALgrafix Spec Sheet

AD2000 Automatic Voice Pager/Dialer System 

Automatic Voice Pager Dialer
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