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Concrete Freeze / Thaw Machine



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Our Freeze/Thaw models offer a high quality programmable control and touch-screen interface, network connectivity and an independent USB slot for digital logging of data. It can be operated in manual or automatic mode and has programmable time and temperature profile capabilities. Machine can be wired to a Virtual Private Network for factory based technical support, system monitoring, troubleshooting and program downloading of applications.



20 Block Freeze Thaw (we also offer a 40, 60 and 80 Block)

The touch screen has several displays that allow the user to:

  • Select operating modes

  • Program time and temperature profiles

  • Operate the equipment

  • Overview of the status of the machine including alarms and alarm history

Our Freeze/Thaw Machine features:

  • Touch screen user interface.

  • Emergency stop button.

  • 304 Stainless Steel work surfaces, internal chamber, lid liner and specimen racks.

  • External cabinet is constructed of welded steel with a durable powder-coated finish.

  • Cabinet chamber is insulated with 4" of urethane foam.

  • Evaporator tubes are high quality, brazed finned copper tubing.

  • Refrigeration system utilizes an air-cooled or water cooled condensing unit (as specified by customer).

  • Circulating fan(s) in the lid provides uniform air temperature throughout the chamber.

  • Lid operated with an electric linear actuator for safe and easy operation.

  • One-Year Warranty - from date  of shipment to original purchaser - for parts and workmanship, including labor allowances, when performed by an authorized Scientemp service agent.


Inside the 20 Block Freeze/Thaw (Loaded w/ samples)

The Scientemp Freeze/Thaw Machine complies with the ASTM C666 specifications, Procedure A and B, which test for resistance of concrete to rapid freezing and thawing. It is ideal for large scale quality testing of concrete aggregates as well as research and development programs for various concrete additives.

Our models hold from twenty (20) to eighty (80) 3" x 4" x 16" concrete test beams. However, specimen racks and cabinets can be customized to accommodate your needs.

Plastic sample containers for Procedure A (Water) are available for purchase.  

*Containers measure 3" x 4" x 16"H

Circulating fan(s) in the lid provides uniform air temperature throughout the chamber.

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