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How do I get to the condenser on my 45-01 or 86-01 freezer?


Click on the "Cleaning the 1.0 Condenser" button below. It will give you a step by step direction sheet on how to get to the condenser. 

What kind of maintenance does my freezer require?
1) Regularly remove any frost build up by using a plastic/wooden scraper. 
2) Freezers that are equipped with an air cooled condenser will need to be cleaned of dust and debris at least once a year (or more often if the freezer is located where excessive dust and dirt may occur)
** Cleaning can be done with careful vacuuming or by using forced air to blow the debris off. 
3) Check and replace batteries on Sonalarm and Chart Recorders (if equipped) on a regular bases.


Freezer Maintenance

Frequently asked questions............



Digital Temperature Controller

How do I change the set point temperature on my temperature controller? 
For CAL9500:
Press and hold the * button, then while holding down the * button.. press the Up arrow to increase the set temperature or press the Down arrow to decrease the set point temperature.
For LOVE Controller:
  • Press and release SET. The current value of order 1 is displayed. SP1 (freezer set point) and LED OUT 1 blink.
  • Press UP or DOWN to increase or decrease the value.
  • Press SET to confirm the new value. The actual value of order 2 will be displayed, SP2 (freezer alarm set point) and LED OUT 2 blink.
  • Press UP or Down to increase or decrease the value.
  • Press SET to confirm the new value and exit.




How do I defrost my freezer?
  • Remove your product from inside the freezer
  • Unplug your freezer from the electricity
  • Open and leave lid/door open
  • As freezer warms remove any frost that is loose.
  • After all frost has been removed, wipe away all moisture and let air dry before plugging back in.
**For Ultra Cold Freezers... please allow them to defrost and warm up for at least 24 to 48 hrs before plugging back in.
What should I do about frost build up?
1) As soon as frost starts to accumulate, use a plastic or wooden scraper and gently remove the frost. 
~Frost build up that is not removed on a regular bases could cause troubles with the door sealing and also could crack the plastic door lining if door is forced shut with thick frost present.
~~Frost build up can also lead to freezer not staying at desired temperature.
Can I drill a hole in my freezer?  

NO!!!  Drilling of any holes you risk hitting a refrigeration line and in most cases, they can not be repaired.
Access Ports can be installed on a freezer at the time of order. They "can not" be added later.

What Refrigerants are used in your freezers?
We use R404A for our Moderate and Super Cold Series

We use R134A (High Stage) and R508B (Low Stage) for our Ultra Cold Series


For Crated Weight and Dimensions of our freezers click on the button ---->

Note: The information given is for our standard cardboard crate and skid. Does not include information on export crates, custom/special builds.



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