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How do I get to the condenser on my 45-01 or 86-01 freezer?


Click on the "Cleaning the 1.0 Condenser" button below. It will give you a step by step direction sheet on how to get to the condenser. 

What kind of maintenance does my freezer require?
1) Regularly remove any frost build up by using a plastic/wooden scraper. 
2) Freezers that are equipped with an air cooled condenser will need to be cleaned of dust and debris at least once a year (or more often if the freezer is located where excessive dust and dirt may occur)
** Cleaning can be done with careful vacuuming or by using forced air to blow the debris off. 
3) Check and replace batteries on Sonalarm and Chart Recorders (if equipped) on a regular bases.


Freezer Maintenance

Frequently asked questions............



Digital Temperature Controller

How do I change the set point temperature on my temperature controller? 
For CAL9500:
Press and hold the * button, then while holding down the * button.. press the Up arrow to increase the set temperature or press the Down arrow to decrease the set point temperature.
For LOVE Controller:
  • Press and release SET. The current value of order 1 is displayed. SP1 (freezer set point) and LED OUT 1 blink.
  • Press UP or DOWN to increase or decrease the value.
  • Press SET to confirm the new value. The actual value of order 2 will be displayed, SP2 (freezer alarm set point) and LED OUT 2 blink.
  • Press UP or Down to increase or decrease the value.
  • Press SET to confirm the new value and exit.




How do I defrost my freezer?
  • Remove your product from inside the freezer
  • Unplug your freezer from the electricity
  • Open and leave lid/door open
  • As freezer warms remove any frost that is loose.
  • After all frost has been removed, wipe away all moisture and let air dry before plugging back in.
**For Ultra Cold Freezers... please allow them to defrost and warm up for at least 24 to 48 hrs before plugging back in.
What should I do about frost build up?
1) As soon as frost starts to accumulate, use a plastic or wooden scraper and gently remove the frost. 
~Frost build up that is not removed on a regular bases could cause troubles with the door sealing and also could crack the plastic door lining if door is forced shut with thick frost present.
~~Frost build up can also lead to freezer not staying at desired temperature.
Can I drill a hole in my freezer?  
NO!!!  Drilling of any holes you risk hitting a refrigeration line and in most cases, they can not be repaired.
Access Ports can be installed on a freezer at the time of order. They "can not" be added later.


For Crated Weight and Dimensions of our freezers click on the button ---->

Note: The information given is for our standard cardboard crate and skid. Does not include information on export crates, custom/special builds.



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