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CO2 or LN2 Back-Up System
  • RTD input

  • Available in 7-day and 24 hour chart

  • 24 hour battery (Note: Batteries must be checked and changed as needed)

  • Recorders are mounted on the front of the freezers

  • 4" and 6" charts are easily read within                    2 degrees

6" Recorder for all other freezers

4" Recorder on our 1.0 cu ft freezers

Freezer chart recorder, paper chart recorder
  • Operated by a rechargeable gel cell battery

  • Automatically activated by temperature rise

  • Built-in, ready to attach to your CO2 or LN2 cylinder

  • No electrical hook-up needed

  • No interference with normal use of freezer

  • Adjustable control

  • Additional security for your stored product

  • Safety engineered

  • Fast freezing to keep your product safe

Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer   
Temporarily Unavailable

In the event of power failure or temperature rise, the AD-2000 offers advancement in telecommunications reporting. Activated by almost any type of sensor or alarm voltage, the AD-2000 will instantly deliver voice or pager message in any language, locally or to any number.

  • Call up to 8 telephones, cellular phones or pagers

  • 4 outgoing messages

  • Listen In Verification, allows 2-way voice communication

  • Automaticallu redials busy and/or unanswered numbers

  • EEPROM memory retains programming phone numbers and voice message in the event of a power failure

  • Remote Turn-Off feature allows termination of activated channel

  • Universal Dial Tone (UDT) works with any phone system

Calgrafix Software Package - Features loggings, charting, alarm indication, networking and configuration when connected to a Windows based user interface.

  • Multiple controller networks can be monitored by one PC running Calgrafix

  • Current process value us displayed on each controller image

  • General PC requirements recommended is a minimum of Pentium 450MHz with 128MB RAM, Windows 98/XP/7

**Calgrafix can only be used with the CAL9500 Temperature Controller


CALgrafix data logger

IShoulder Length

 Elbow Length

 Midarm Length

Wrist Length


Features for Cyro-Gloves

  • Maximum Thermal Protection for cold applications

  • Water Resistant

  • Lightweight and Comfortable

  • Excellent Dexterity

  • Breathable and Stay-dry Lining

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