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7 cu ft

Our Standard Freezers feature:

Moderate Cold Series

0C to -34C  (32F to -30F)

Super Cold Series

0C to -45C  (32F to -50F)

Ultra Cold Series

--45C to -85C  (-50F to -121F


Sturdy Construction Design:
Our Low Temperature Freezers have been manufactured in Adrian, Michigan and family owned for over 50 years.

Our freezers are manufactured using a heavy welded Galvannealed steel. The interior and exteriors are powdercoated giving them a durable finish for a reliable  construction you can depend on.  

(Note: Moderate Cold Models 34-05, 34-07 and 34-09 do not have powder coat interiors. They have an aluminum interior with a clear coat finish.)

Our Chest Style Super and Ultra Cold Freezers have a Counter-balanced lid with magnetic gasket. Brushed aluminum and thermoplastic tubular handle with a separate keyed hasp lock. Sub-lids are added for content protection. (45-01, 86-01 and all Moderate freezer models do not have Sub-lids)

Our Moderate Cold Chest Freezers have a Counter-balanced lid with a keyed lock built in the handle.


Model 34-20
Model 43-1.7
Model 85-6.8


With the exception of our Moderate Cold Freezers,  most of our freezers can be customized to meet your dimensional and temperature needs.

Refrigeration Systems:

All freezers are manufactured using CFC-free, non-toxic, non-combustible and non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Compressors are permanently lubricated & hermetically sealed for easy maintenance.





Digital Controls / Alarms:
Each freezer has a Digital Display Controller. Our Moderate Cold Freezers use a single temperature display. The Super and Ultra Cold freezer models have a dual display. The display on the top reads the actual temperature inside the freezer while the bottom display shows your set point temperature.


Our Super and Ultra Cold Chest Style freezers come standard with an Alarm Monitor System. It features a red blinking light with audible beeping sound in an event of a rise in temperature due to power loss or mechanical failure. (Moderate cold freezers have high temperature audible alarm only and no battery back-up)





Model 80-9.4
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